The New Majority Fellowship is a 17-month program training young people to build power and create lasting change in their communities through electoral organizing. Fellows receive hands-on experience running electoral campaigns to engage and mobilize their peers by being placed with grassroots community organizations working with young people, immigrants, refugees, and communities of color. Power California believes in the power of young people to create lasting change. Young people of color have been and continue to be the leading agents of change in California. From fighting for environmental justice to immigrant and refugee rights to criminal justice reform, young people are leading the way. New Majority Fellows learn how to organize and engage their peers on issues that they care about.

Meet the Fellows:

The Fellows, who comprise a diverse group including women, immigrants, refugees, Black, Asian Pacific Islander, Latinx and LGBT people, were chosen from communities from Orange County to Oakland. Their voices are critical to shaping a California that honors the dignity, humanity, and self-determination of its people.