Hemly Ordoñez

Hemly is the Digital Campaigns Director at FWD.us, which mobilizes the tech community to support policies that keep the American Dream achievable in the 21st century. She specializes in working with non-profits, foundations, and socially responsible businesses to bridge emerging technologies to challenge inequality and positively impact local communities. She has led engagement strategies that center communities of color, LGBT communities, young women, and low income communities to meet them at the intersections of their lives both online and offline for over 10 years.

Prior to joining FWD.us Hemly was Vice President of Digital Strategy and Mobilization at Fission Strategy and was previously the State Strategies Manager at Advocates for Youth. She worked with local, state-based, and national organizations mobilizing the rising American electorate to advocate for cultural and policy changes that improve and value young people's sexual and reproductive health and rights. She carved a niche in building the capacity of new coalitions, initiatives, and new partnerships throughout the South and worked with them usher new online networks primed to take action.

She is the former the Board Co-Chair of the Generational Alliance, a collaboration of 17 national youth organizations building collective power for underrepresented and low income communities during the 2012 elections. Also, as a former member of the Strong Families Leadership Team, she worked with them to launch the first Strong Families national youth convening Revolutionizing a Dream to work with young people ages 13 to 23 on issues of race, gende,r and sexuality.

Hemly is originally from Carson, California and proudly represents South Los Angeles in the fight for health, dignity, and justice.