Hillary Brooks


A nonprofit admin geek, Hillary brings two and a half decades of experience powering social justice movements for sustainability and impact. Before arriving at Power California in Oakland in early 2017, Hillary worked as a finance and operations consultant, lending her nonprofit accounting and HR expertise to small nonprofits in the East Bay. Previously, Hillary served as a Co-Managing Director at The David Brower Center during an executive leadership transition, and for the five years prior she directed finance and operations at Forward Together. Having started her career as an "accidental bookkeeper" and Administrative Director at Media Alliance in San Francisco, she then worked for over a decade as an accounting and Macintosh consultant to nonprofits, small businesses, magazines, and individuals. 

A grassroots organizer for reproductive and civil rights in her twenties, Hillary next put her politics into song, primarily in the groups Maroon (jazz) and Caramelize (Spanglish pop) in New York City, before moving back to the Bay. Today, she co-leads internal racial justice efforts as a member of Kehilla Community Synagogue and was just elected Treasurer of Essie Justice Group, a nonprofit that organizes women with incarcerated loved ones to end mass incarceration. Hillary received her B.S. at Boston University, studying media representation and American history, and has a Master's of Fine Arts in jazz performance from California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. A descendant of two great migrations, of African Americans on her father's side and 1800s European Jews on her mother's, the Hudson Valley-raised Hillary is the solo-mama-by-choice of the first California-born kid in her family.