Asmaa Rashid


Asmaa is a first-generation American whose parents were born and raised in a small village in Palestine. For nearly a decade, Asmaa’s jobs have centered around human resources and project management, as she moved from family businesses in Chicago to Macy’s in San Francisco to Power California. A project management enthusiast who works extensively with documentation and has an eye for design, Asmaa collaborates closely with the Operations Team to establish and improve processes and systems for HR and other operations infrastructure. Asmaa is also a clairvoyant who practices energy readings and healings. Her passion for healing was born during the five years she lived in Palestine, experienced the grave injustice there firsthand, and witnessed her people’s attempt to survive it. Seeing parallels of injustice in the United States, Asmaa has been committed to working for justice, equality and healing since her activist days at Chicago’s DePaul University.