At Power California, we believe we  can make California stronger if we all have an equal say in the decisions that impact our lives. But right now the voices that are most missing from our systems of governance are young people of color and their families.

That’s why Power California harnesses the energy of the largest and most diverse generation to create a state that is fair, inclusive and just for everyone who calls California home. We are building the power of young people of color and their families to participate and lead systems of government at all levels and to ensure that voters and elected leaders mirror the rich diversity that is California.

We are a statewide multi-racial civic engagement organization made up of on-the-ground community partners in urban, suburban and rural communities throughout the state.

Our Vision

Power California emerged from the union of Mobilize The Immigrant Vote and YVote, two of California’s most successful organizers of immigrants, refugees and youth of color. 

Our vision for the future:

  • All who call California home – regardless of citizenship – participate fully in decision-making for a just, safe, and culturally-vibrant state
  • Power rests with the people, and those with the least economic, socio-cultural and political power have equal say in determining our state’s future
  • California welcomes and fully embraces all people and our stories in every aspect our state, regardless of migration status, race-ethnicity, systems impact, class, gender, sexuality, disability, or age
  • Our state centers young people, families and communities of color so California thrives together