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Power California harnesses the energy of young voters of color and their families to create a state that is equitable, inclusive and just for everyone who calls California home. We are a statewide multi-racial civic engagement organization leading electoral movement building work with on-the-ground community partners in urban, suburban and rural communities throughout the state. We began our work in 2004 as Mobilize the Immigrant Vote (MIV), launching the first ever multi-ethnic, immigrant-based coalition to build the electoral campaign capacity of community-based organizations in California. In 2016, MIV partnered with Movement Strategy Center to co-lead YVote, an electoral movement building project aimed at building a community-based network to transform young Californians of color into a powerful new voting bloc. This year, YVote came aboard MIV, and our organization transformed into Power California. Power California is a nonpartisan 501(c)3 charitable organization with an affiliated 501(c)4 social welfare organization. Working together across several California offices, we foster a collaborative working environment that values high-quality work.


LA Rootz Phone Bankers

LA Rootz Phone Bankers conduct civic engagement campaign phone banking. Individuals in this role must be motivated and enthusiastic, and able to converse over the phone to contact and mobilize voters. Training and scripts are provided. LA Rootz Phone Bankers are part of the field campaign operations for Power California and its sibling 501(c)4 social welfare nonprofit.


Communications Director

The Communications Director leads the development and implementation of the communications strategy and plan for both Power California and its sibling 501(c)4 social welfare nonprofit. The Communications Director designs and executes communications strategies for electoral and policy campaigns, supervises the Digital Strategist, and engages tens of thousands of young voters of color through various communications strategies.


Digital Strategist

The Digital Strategist develops and coordinates strategies and campaigns to engage young voters through social media and other digital strategies and to increase the visibility and followings for both Power California and its sibling 501(c)4 social welfare nonprofit.


Regional Field Lead, NorCal

The Regional Field Lead, NorCal, works to propel our networks’ civic engagement campaigns and electoral movement building work. Collaborating closely with the Statewide Field Manager (their direct supervisor), the Data Strategist, the Chief Political Strategist, and the Organizing Director, this position develops and manages implementation of the civic engagement campaigns, capacity building, and power building in Northern California.