Power California harnesses the energy of young voters of color and their families to create a state that is equitable, inclusive and just for everyone who calls California home. 



We envision all who call California home – regardless of citizenship – participate fully in decision-making for a just, safe, and culturally-vibrant state.




We focus on youth of color, who make up 70% of the millennial generation in California and 50% of whom have an immigrant or refugee backgrounds. We are building a movement of young voters of color and their families from diverse backgrounds: Black, Latinx, API, Native, LGBT, currently and formerly incarcerated, and undocumented and citizens. Power California is empowering the next generation of leaders in the Central Valley through our 99Rootz program. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



We inform, educate and mobilize young people of color and their families to engage in civic decision-making to transform their strength in numbers into real political power at the polls. Over the past two years, we have registered more than 40,000 young voters and engaged more than 200,000 voters in the last several elections.



We cultivate the leadership of young people of color to organize, shape, and determine California’s future. We lead, support and coordinate with local community partners on electoral campaigns to leverage our collective power and strength. We invest resources and training in local communities to build leadership and capacity to run electoral campaigns and movements. Our New Majority Fellows program trains the next generation of organizers of color.


We are building a voting bloc of young people and families of color to win policy victories, elect and hold leaders accountable and meet the aspirations of our communities. With our partners, we advance equity and justice for communities of color by advocating for criminal justice, immigrant, educational justice and other systems reforms.


We believe culture matters – especially in California, which is on the cutting-edge of defining and redefining cultural trends for the nation at large. Power California uses art, stories, and other cultural and communications strategies to shift public will toward embracing the rich diversity of California and more equitable and just outcomes for all. We work with artists and a community of creatives to engage communities and help elevate the voices of underrepresented Californians. Learn more about our cultural work by downloading our two 2019 reports. The first report Cultural Strategy: An Introduction and Primer is about the what and how of cultural strategy. The second report Until We Are All Free: A Case Study in Cultural Strategy chronicles our racial justice initiative with CultureStrike and Black Alliance for Just Immigration.

We recently launched reset, a new project that uses the power of cultural strategy to reimagine new solutions to transform the lives of the most impacted people.




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Photo Credit: Culture Strike