What We Did On Election Night


In a night of ups and downs, victories and losses, and historic breakthroughs, we know the most important thing we did this election was to build the power of young people.

Young people across the country turned out in record numbers this election. An estimated 31% of young people voted, the highest ever in the last seven midterms. They showed what we have believed all along -- young people are ready to vote and ready to lead.

They joined millions of fellow citizens to change the face of our democracy. Together, many Americans stood for values of love and inclusion over hate and fear and elected more women of color to Congress than ever. 

In California, young people stood for values and issues important to all of us. They led the fight to defeat Propositions 5 and 6 which would have taken billions of dollars out of our schools, communities and transportation infrastructure. They helped make affordable housing and protecting renters an issue that must be addressed.

We are proud of what we have done together. With our network partners and our sister organization, PowerCA Action, we built power by:

  • Changing the electorate: Talked to 121,000 young voters of color via phone and text across 29 counties to mobilize them to vote. 

  • Expanding participation: Registered and pre-registered 25,000 young people in 2018.

  • Growing a youth-led movement: Launched a team of 500 new and young organizers, phone bankers and canvassers across our network. 

  • Changing the narrative: Got young people talking about voting & issues with local and national media outlets from the Los Angeles Times to the OC Register and the Fresno Bee

These accomplishments show what can happen when we invest time & resources to help young people of color build power. 

While we take a moment to celebrate the victories and mourn our losses, we know our work doesn’t stop because the election is over. Yesterday we voted. Today, we keep organizing for power for young people, our families and our communities.

For us, it’s never been about one election, one initiative or one candidate. As we say to our partners and our young people: “We are not waiting for a magic bullet or any superheroes. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Together we will win the future we want to see.”